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Cummins Office

Greenwood, IN

Cummins is a global engine and power systems Fortune 500 company based in Indiana. Experiencing continued growth - Cummins engaged a team of designers to plan a new information technology digital hub. Our site plan concepts identified an opportunity to orient the phase 1 building in an east-west orientation with a courtyard to the south setting up a nucleus on the site and informing placement of the phase 2 building. The entrance road focuses attention on the front façade and guides visitors to the entrance plaza. Needing a significant amount of parking – the team sought creative ways to break down the scale of this 31 acre site by dividing the lots with expansive green boulevards that double as park-like pedestrian connections across the site.
The design seeks to breakdown the norms of past suburban office buildings – and celebrate the exterior environments of the site. The courtyard design includes amenities to encourage outdoor collaboration, dining, play and respite. Leading from the courtyard – a trail system was imagined for the health benefit of the users and connects to the adjacent land parcels.

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