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CHS Campus Vision Plan

Inver Grove Heights, MN

Cultivating an authentic landscape vision plan - for one of the world’s leading global agribusiness cooperatives – started with understanding the CHS story. This Fortune 100 business is owned by stockholders, and more importantly local cooperatives, farmers, and ranchers. The story of the cooperative member owners drove the development of a vision that ultimately reflected that ownership. Rooted in authenticity, the landscape plan seeks simplicity much like America’s farmland, pattern that represents diversity in farmed acreage and row crops, and rhythm from changing seasons and the cycles of farming seen each year.
The vision plan identified a combination of campus gestures that would recall and reflect that farm landscape – transforming this sterile suburban landscape into an authentic representation of its owners and their agribusiness. It provided a vision for how to transform the campus landscape into an expression of the quintessential American farm.

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