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St. Paul Company World Headquarters

St Paul, MN

The landscape design resembles the relaxed and natural “New Wave Planting Style”. The layout is less controlled and geometric than traditional gardens. The landscape will evolve into an idealized version of nature and support biodiversity with an integrated planting palette. Flowering perennials, ornamental grasses and deciduous shrubs will harmonize in the landscape to provide a constantly changing range of colors, textures, and form. Large masses of complementary plants will be grouped together to address the scale and render a powerful aesthetic. In the winter months the garden will continue to provide structure to the landscape. Ornamental grasses, crab apple trees with persistent fruit, and perennial seed heads will specifically stand out through the white snow. Lawn, stone and concrete paths will provide visitors and employees an opportunity to experience the garden up close. Small seating and picnic areas are scattered about providing destinations in the landscape. Existing and proposed trees will render shade and vertical scale to the environment. The design will thoughtfully group plants in stunning combinations that look and grow well together.

Client & Collaborators


ASLA MN | Merit | 2017

MS&R / Alelier Peter Ebner



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