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Wells Fargo Campus

Shoreview, Minnesota

The Wells Fargo site reflects a sustainable landscape incorporating the use of indigenous Minnesota plant materials that meld issues of scale, function & aesthetics.
Man-made wetlands with emerging native grasses and sedges address storm water mitigation, and reduce maintenance, clean water and provide improved habitats for wildlife. Prairie grasses providing year-round color and drifts of wildflowers are incorporated throughout the site. Landscaping along the main road introduces a series of berms reminiscent of a glacial moraine pattern. This rolling landscape of ornamental trees, and native evergreens, with its over story of Oaks and Aspen, provides a striking balance to the contemporary, timeless architecture. Parking lots are organized with well lit, broad walkways that safely bring employees and visitors from the periphery of the site to the two main building entries. A formal arrangement of shade trees lines these boulevard walkways.

Client & Collaborators

Wells Fargo



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