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Iverson Center For Faith

University of St Thomas

As the oldest building on the University of St. Thomas campus, the historic chapel, designed by Emmanuel Louis Masqueray, continues to be a place for important celebrations. Contemporary ceremonies have become increasingly difficult to host in such a historic building as it does not meet current accessibility standards or offer the modern amenities required for weddings and other celebrations for people of all faiths. A plan was created to build a new space for support services, offices and much needed banquet spaces, however, any new vertical construction would affect critical views of the historic chapel, so it was decided to push these spaces underground and create a modern building that would contrast from the Chapel. Damon Farber led the site design effort to create an ADA accessible plaza in front of the church that would provide a much needed spill out area but also a new sense of arrival for visitors. A terraced garden allows ADA access from the upper quad of the campus and provided important support space for the new banquet facility.

Client & Collaborators

University of St. Thomas

Opus Group


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