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Eldon Siehl Plaza

University of Minnesota

The plaza and garden honor recipients of the Siehl Prize, which recognizes professional excellence in agriculture. Located beneath native oak trees, this campus crossroads creates four garden quadrants, each reflecting a specific perspective from Minnesota native plants to current research of sustainable practices and pollinator friendly plants. Working closely with the sculptor, a bronze statue of Norman Borlaug, Nobel Laureate and central figure in the ‘green revolution” becomes a focal for the plaza. The Plaza, detailed with granite pavers engraved with recipient names, provides an informal meeting place for students, professors and the community. Gardens include native plants, those used by indigenous people, plants used by early settlers to the region, the development of genetically modified seeds first developed at the University of Minnesota and current research on native plants and pollinator species. Minnesota granite engraved pavers, galvanized steel sign and bench frames with reclaimed cedar seats reflect an agrarian history and speciality lighting represents stalks of wheat .

Client & Collaborators

University of Minnesota


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