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Sandy Hook Memorial Competition

Newtown, CT

The Memorial design creates a series of distinct experiences, from entry into the memorial and back, each one designed with the intention of creating healing environments to support quiet reflection and conversation. We carefully considered safety, visibility and sustainability in this design, and also the importance of creating a sense of belonging for families, survivors, and the community, while being inviting and impactful to the broader public.
There are six experiential program elements of the Memorial: Entry and Parking, Overlook and Boardwalk, Breathing Field, Memorial Grove, Reflection Pool, Belonging Bench and Community Arbor. Each of these unique places is carefully crafted to invite a journey to remember, honor, and to share. Materials were selected to restore the native ecology, reuse harvested wood or recycled products and local granite. Simple detailing and an elegant palette of materials grounds the site in context and authenticity.

Client & Collaborators


ASLA MN | Merit | 2018

RSP Dream Box



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