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Baker Park

Medina, MN

Set within the sprawling 2700 acre Baker Park Reserve on scenic Lake Independence, the creative play area serves both daily visitors and regional visitors staying at the nearby camp ground. The park is a popular school field trip destination – and the play area was designed to accommodate large groups of kids bused to the site to enjoy the park, the outdoors and expend some energy. The design nestled the Pre-K play area into both an existing and newly created hillside – providing a safe space with clear boundaries for the youngest visitors. An overlook terrace affords parents and caregivers a perched elevation from which to observe. The hillsides are used for active embankment style play – including multiple custom slides and other hoops and moguls to challenge young kids.
The region’s largest climbing structure – “The Seastar” – physically dominates the 5+ play area. This one piece of equipment provides simultaneous activity for over 100 kids. It is complemented by other balance, swinging and spinning play components, and a custom embankment chute slide. A challenge course creates a competitive experience for kids that want to race with side by side zip lines and the course loops back to the finish line on balance and climbing equipment. The space was designed with enhanced ADA accessibility – affording kids with special needs the opportunity to play side by side with their peers.

Client & Collaborators

Three Rivers Park District


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