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Bridge Square

Northfield, Minnesota

Bridge Square is the signature gathering area in the heart of a nationally-registered, historic downtown. The project envisions a fresh, modern aesthetic while respecting the historic context of its place. The design pays homage to the historic traffic patterns that defined the Square in the mid 1800s to mid 1900s, acknowledges its place on the Canon River, and incorporates existing historic sculptures and monuments into this civic space. Early community engagement was critical in garnering support for the redesign, which is widely considered as the city’s “living room”. The new vision for the Square trades traditional streetscapes for pedestrian-forward woonerfs and a piazza-like landscape. A waterfront promenade invites community members and visitors to gather at the water’s edge. An open green provides a flexible venue for community events such as concerts, weekend markets, festivals, and daily recreation. Bridge Square is a stage for public life to nuture community togetherness.

Client & Collaborators

City of Northfield


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