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Shingle Creek

Brooklyn Park, MN

The cities of Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center worked with Damon Farber to design a trail project that creates a new connection to the regional trail system while also re-imagining the interface with Shingle Creek as a public amenity. Outdoor learning space created for adjacent junior high, high school and community groups. Public art integrated into the shade structure, site benches and markers throughout. ADA accessible trails promote access to the creek, outdoor learning space, and adjoining city sidewalks.Extensive removal of invasive species on both sides of the creek allowed for natural daylighting of the creek, dramatically improving the overall health of the water. Work was timed seasonally to minimize runoff and allow access to the frozen water.Shoreline stabilization was achieved through a variety of strategies including: live staking, woody plants from containers, seeded and blanketed shorelines.

Client & Collaborators

City of Brooklyn Park

RSP Dreambox


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