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Six Mile Marsh Prairie Trail

Minnetrista, MN

Six Mile Marsh Prairie Trail invites visitors to explore restored tallgrass prairie and wetlands while learning about the role of these ecosystems in the hydrologic cycle. After vegetation restoration in 2011, the trail and interpretive signage complete Minnehaha Creek Watershed District’s long-term project. Damon Farber worked closely with MCWD staff to design an immersive experience that minimizes construction impact while creatively interpreting the landscape at key moments along the accessible trail. Hikers overlook interconnected ecosystems at a high point, discovering water’s influence while listening and looking for species which depend on this complex landscape. At an extant 1940’s barn, one sees the land’s transformation story from virgin prairie, to agrarian land, back to prairie. At the farthest point, a 3d map orients visitors within the 178 square mile watershed while hammock-style loungers invite trail users to pause, recline, use their senses and appreciate the uniqueness and value the rich landscape provides.

Client & Collaborators

Minnehaha Creek Watershed District


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