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Oxboro Library

Minneapolis, MN

Renovation of the Oxboro Library elevates the site’s identity as a community hub and afterschool destination for this culturally diverse Bloomington neighborhood. Located adjacent to several schools it is designed to support a safe learning experience for children and adults. The site design takes advantage of an existing mature tree canopy and weaves playful pathways and gathering spaces between the trees. Clearly defined entry areas improve pedestrian safety and accessibility across the site. Outdoor rooms extend the interior library spaces into the expansive landscape to create spaces for kids, youth, and adults while offering visitors a choice of scale, group or intimate; to gather, read, converse, or lounge. No-Mow fescue, native planting, and use of regional paving materials were strategically composed in accordance with Hennepin County Sustainable Landscape Guidelines to manage stormwater, support pollinator habitat, and reduce management inputs while creating a strong sense of place. Site Furnishing selection was coordinated with interiors to provide a cohesive experience.

Client & Collaborators

Hennepin County



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