Jodi Refsland


Jodi brings a multi-disciplinary approach that equips her with a unique design perspective rooted in creating landscapes that support native ecosystems, interpret ecology, and invite human engagement. After working in the post-Katrina Gulf Coast region, Jodi returned to the Midwest. Her abilities are grounded in practical experience gained by working with a diversity of clients and audiences. Jodi’s keen knowledge of the construction process and local ecosystems translates to effective and attentive design and project management. In addition to holding a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture, Jodi has eight years of diverse experience in architecture, ecological restoration, and conservation biology. Jodi is a passionate designer, who pairs the technical with the creative by working at the intersection of design and science to create landscapes that are beautiful, functional, and foster a future of landscape stewardship.

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Jodi Refsland

damon farber / landscape architects

landscape architecture, urban design, and planning

310 S 4th Ave Suite 7050, Minneapolis MN 55415, USA

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