Soo Line


The Soo Line Building is a 19-story office building constructed of reinforced concrete and steel framing. Constructed in 1915, the building is ornamented with Second Renaissance Revival details. Over the years, the structure fell into disrepair and underwent several renovations that did not respect its historic attributes.
The team paid special attention to the building’s historic features, and rehabilitated them where possible while creating a fun, up-to-date and trendy place to live. DF/ designed a series of bold, modern outdoor spaces to complement the urban lifestyle of Soo Line Building’s luxury downtown Minneapolis apartments. The Soo Line Building features top-of-the-line amenities, including a fitness center, indoor/outdoor rooftop swimming pool, an indoor Skypark and lounge, walk-through closets, and hardwood floors throughout.

Minneapolis, MN

DF/ Team 

Client & Collaborators

Village Green

BKV Group


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