Memorial to Survivors of Sexual Violence


Minneapolis, MN

This memorial honors the strength of the countless people in Minnesota who have experienced sexual violence. By creating a garden within a public park, we, as a community, are choosing to break the silence that isolates survivors and protects perpetrators. The design creates a place for recognition and healing and begins along a spiral path, passing mosaic columns representing pages of survivor’s stories, and leads into a circle for individual and community gathering and honoring.
Three rectangular columns with a ragged grey concrete base transform into colorful glass mosaic images of all peoples and represents the process from a shattered life back into the vibrant one. The spine of each column is wrapped in polished granite to reflect all of our faces and etched with inspirational quotes. Earth-forms and native planting materials embrace the central circular gathering plaza. The paving is embossed with the pattern of rings, representing the courage of a pebble of truth radiating out into the community. Precast benches placed along the circumference of the circle, invite individuals and group gatherings and conversation.



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