Chemistry and Science Building


The new Chemistry & Advanced Materials Science building houses state of the art research laboratories, instructional laboratories, office and meeting space. Damon Farber assisted with the district planning efforts to organized future building layouts emphasizing connected pedestrian circulation with integrated utility and stormwater system for this expanding area of campus. A stormwater basin captures roof rainwater visibly transported through a designed channel into a stormwater basin. Local Lake Superior granite stones set within the basin create an artful and functional stormwater feature within the entry plaza and adjacent seating area. Stormwater is also collected into a series of connected basins. A corten weir system provides movement between basins to activate the water on its journey to a district pond. Plaza permeable pavers allow stormwater infiltration. Native Trees, shrubs and perennials provide a northern Minnesota character for the campus while reducing water use and providing habitat for migrating birds & pollinators. Public Artist collaboration integrates a sculpture into a grove of trees dotted with stone seating for an informal collaboration space.

University of Minnesota -Duluth

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University of Minnesota



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